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Ursula Lawley
BA (Hons)

"Horses" Oil on Canvas, 2002

Fine Artist

About Ursula Lawley

The artist
Ursula Lawley, BA (Hons) - Fine Artist

I am a local artist, based in Devizes. I draw inspiration from the beauty of the Wiltshire countryside and from the natural world in general.

Having been accepted by Trowbridge College in Wiltshire to complete a Foundation course in art and design, I studied Fine Art at John Moores University Liverpool in 1999, and obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in 2002.

As well as depicting the landscape as I see it, I am also interested in delving into the world of surrealism, and often bring elements from dreams and other realms to the forefront.

The use of bold colours enables me to fuse expressionism with realism, resulting in a unique interpretation of my local surroundings. My preferred medium is oil paint because of its versatility - the buttery consistency allowing a variety of textures to be achieved through the use of different brushstrokes.

I am a self confessed fitness fanatic when not slaving over a hot canvas, and I bring my passion for working out into my paintings with vibrant, powerful expression of movement.

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